Gerjo van der Horst

Auteur en tekstschrijver


May 2018
My book "Jesus, the untold story" is available on Amazon and Kindle. Also a new Dutch version will be published with the title "Jezus, het onbekende verhaal".

May 2014
I have sent the manuscript of my spiritual novel "Jesus, the untold story" to some Christian Fiction Publishers in the U.S.A. Unfortunately it will take some months before I can expect news.

February 2014

We've finished the translation of my spiritual novel "Jesus, the untold story". I want to read it over one more time and then I can send it to some publishers in Engeland and America. Suggestions as to which publisher might be interested are welcome! You can always contact me!

March 2013

We've started translating the last chapter of my spiritual novel "Jesus, the untold story". So we're (finally!) almost done.

February 2013

Also my book "Heimwee" will soon be available in the Dutch libraries!

January 2013

Several newspapers have shown interest in my book "Heimwee" and it is also available at most internet webshops now.

December 2012

Sent my "Heimwee" book to the Dutch library association. Would be awesome it this book also would be bought for the Dutch libraries. Unfortunately it will take some time until I'll hear that.

November 2012

The second edition of my "Heimwee" book will be published by publisher 'Fiola'.

June 2012
On the 30th of june my book "Heimwee" was officially presented. This is how the cover, with the drawing of Steve Balsamo on it, looks like.

April 2012

Yip! I have found a publisher for my book "Heimwee". So it will be a book and with the drawing of Steve Balsamo on the cover. I'm really happy and proud!

February 2012
I've send my book "Heimwee" to some publishers. Now I'll have to wait until I get a reply ... so exciting!

January 2012
Yes! Steve Balsamo agreed on me using one of his drawings for the cover of my book "Heimwee".

December 2011
The Dutch library association has also bought my book "Verstoorde werkelijkheid"!

November 2011

Some newspapers already published an article about my new book "Verstoorde werkelijkheid"!

October 2011
I might use one of Steve Balsamo's drawings as cover for my new book "Heimwee". At the moment he's considering ... I hope he will agree. It would be so wonderful and such a great honour!

June 2011

My publisher Gopher will also publish my second book "Verstoorde werkelijkheid". It will be available in November 2011!!

April 2011

In the monastery Loreto in Lievelde I gave a lecture about my spiritual novel "Jesus, the untold story". The reactions were very moving and encouraging. I hope I will have more of these beautiful gatherings!

March 2011

My spiritual novel "The spiritual Jesus" is being translated in English. Like this we want to make the story available for a bigger audience. The English working title will be "Jesus, the untold story".

November 2010
Dieter Troubleyn, the Belgian singer who has sung the role of Jesus in the Dutch version of the musical Jesus Christ Superstar is going to sing 'Gethsemane' at the official presentation of my book "The spiritual Jesus".

October 2010
I've been interviewd by two radioprogrammes and some newspapers about my book "The spiritual Jesus".

The Dutch library association Biblion bought my book "The spiritual Jesus"! So now it can be obtained in every library all over Holland. I must say I am a bit proud ...