Gerjo van der Horst

Auteur en tekstschrijver

Jesus, the untold story

Hello! Thank you for visiting my site. On this page I'd like to tell you more about my novel 'Jesus, the untold story'.

I never had the intention to write a book about Jesus. So many books are already written about him. What could I add? But a performance of Steve Balsamo, the great Welsh singer who has sung the role of Jesus in the West End version of the musical "Jesus Christ Superstar" touched my heart and overnight thewords and lines just like that came up in my head. This story just had be to written and I started to write without knowing where it would lead to. All the time I felt that it became beautiful and that I was doing Jesus justice with this story.

In 'Jesus, the untold story' I particulary tell a lot about Jesus' youth. Many people find this very interesting because so little is known about this period of his life. Order 'Jesus, the untold story' now!

Because of the form of the story, a novel, Jesus comes very close and many readers are really moved by it. I received many beautiful, personal reactions which inspire me to go on making a success of this story. Do you also want to get to know Jesus from a different side? Then 'Jesus, the untold story' is meant for you!

The book has been translated in English. Are you interested in 'Jesus, the untold story'? It is available at Amazon and Kindle. Or visit the webshop of Fiola Publishers.